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We’re inspiring school leavers to join our fastest growing and highest paid sector!

Tech23 was a guided tour of the Tomorrow Expo to meet leading tech companies, explore tech careers and inspire future innovators. It was an opportunity for learners to see and imagine their future tech career.  

Tech23 hosted nearly 500 schools on Friday 12 May at the Tomorrow Expo, Viaduct Events Centre, Auckland Tāmaki Makaurau. Learners were introduced to their Tech23 Tour guide and explored the Tomorrow Expo together. Learners engaged in interactive tech experiences, for example, AR/VR, creative design, holograms, robotics and more. The tour included authentic storytelling featuring keynote speakers and  engaging curated sessions hosted by tech leaders. 

Experiencing Tech23 provided an opportunity for learners to see and imagine their future tech career. Tour guides and tech leaders were also available to answer questions and provide information on pathways. 

Tech23 included a guided tour to:

  • meet leading tech companies and better understand ‘what they do’
  • discover tomorrow’s exciting new technologies
  • inspire interest in a tech career

The experiential tour is designed to spark inspiration by:

  • showcasing tech innovation and creativity 
  • providing hands-on tech experiences
  • engaging in authentic storytelling of tech careers

Please view our Tech23 handout, Be Part of our Digital Future.

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