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Tech21 Q&A with Brittany Teei

We asked KidsCoin Founder Brittany Teei how she switched from a professional tennis career to tech! 

Q: What did you think you would be when you grew up?

A: I thought I would first be a tennis player, then a fashion designer, then a businesswoman and a teacher.

Q: What is your mahi?

A: I am in charge of running my businesses and ensuring that my staff are taken care of, that our business is making money and that we are making the most positive impact possible for the communities that we serve.

My business runs different educational programmes for Digital and Technology including programmes from Primary School, Intermediate and High School students.

Q: What is the favourite part of your job?

A: My favourite part of my job is the variety and getting to lots of different things each day. I like the challenge of having to think about lots of different areas of running my business from presenting, to helping people, to assisting my staff and more. 

I also enjoy getting to meet new people who also like digital and technology things and having really good chats about the future of New Zealand and how we can make it a better country for all.

I least enjoy doing my financial returns at the end of the year, and managing the books. 

Everyday is different. I could have anywhere up to 12 meetings in a day, on a busy day. It really depends on what challenges are happening in my business and what opportunities are coming up. 

Because I have such busy days I always try to give myself time in the morning, or the evening to do things that I love such as walking my dogs, exercising or spending time with friends and family. I need to have this everyday to keep me energized and motivated.

Q: What set you on your career path?

A: I follow my passion when it comes to my career. For me a career is something that is organic and natural but this can only come from having lots of different experiences, especially new ones to figure out what I like, what I am into and also what I don’t want to do! It really comes down to what I believe in, and what my heart is set on, then the rest follows.

Q: Who inspired you?

A: My grandparents and my family are my biggest inspiration. My grandparents come from a background where they didn’t have a lot so they had to work hard to get what they got for themselves and for our family. Their hard work ethic is something that is just so invaluable and I am grateful to have learnt that from them.

Q: How do you harness creativity at work and in life?

A: Creativity is something that can be brought into anything and everything, for me it really comes down to how I am thinking about things and situations that I am in.

My main approach is to just go with the flow and trust my gut and instincts. I usually find this is already a creative energy that I have within me that I can follow and it will lead me in the right direction so long as I am focused on what I am trying to do.

I give myself time everyday to check in to my wellbeing and how I feel. This is really high on my priority list because I know if I am not operating well, then that’s not going to help anyone, let alone myself. 

Q: What is your advice for ākonga considering their future?

A: Try as many things as possible, and don’t rule anything out until you have given it go. You might be surprised to find that you like something you thought you wouldn’t.  Put yourself out there and be willing to put yourself out of your comfort zone. This will help you grow as a person and learn lots of different things.

Remember that it’s most important to enjoy your journey, so whilst you should persevere and never give up, also remember that you need to enjoy your life because we only have one to live.

Q: What’s your take on social media?

A: Be aware of what it is and how it can impact your life. Education is key to understand how social media works as a business and how they use you as their product essentially.  Also learn how to post your information responsibly.  Lastly, real life is way more important than an online profile, so get off the social media and start hanging out with people in real life.

Q: What technology could you simply not live without?

A: My phone!

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